Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tidbits are all I have right now.

More elaborate news to follow.

We celebrated a six year old birthday, star wars style.
Fun and exhausting. Photo's to follow.

I am working with a friends fixing up an old house on my days off.
Heat gun, scrappers and industrial mask.
(I need Christmas money and the whole kiln thing has depressed me too much)

Oh the kiln. Well a major wire melted today....the one between the kiln sitter and the switches. I need another new infinite switch, and maybe some switch wires. I guess when you have an old kiln that has been sitting for a while you need to just replace everything. I have not given up... just feel a bit sad and despondent.I have not worked in the studio for a couple of weeks because I it just makes me feel defeated. 
Enough of that.

We are very excited and are hoping these last few days slow down and let us enjoy October before it blows on by us.

Hmm. That's all for now. 


  1. Looking forward to the Star Wars birthday pictures - you know I'm all over Star Wars right now.

    I feel *certain* you're going to get this kiln up and running - and be so, so happy once you're working. I totally believe that persistence is the key to accomplishing most anything in life, and the kiln is just making sure it imparts that lesson. F'ing kiln. :D

  2. I see in the future a converted wood or gas kiln for that old kiln of yours! or maybe Raku!

  3. Tracy You may be right.... I am still struggling with it but now it is a matter of principle to get this @#$%$%^ thing working! I do not like to loose money..... EVER. I found one part I need at Lowes so that was good. Now to get it all hooked up again..... correctly.

  4. Sumner.... thanks for your encouragement. It keeps me going more then you know. I do feel determined, even through my discouragement!


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