Sunday, July 18, 2010

dreaming in n0tes

sometimes i just like to 
sit and listen to music.

i like to absorb the melody.
i want to bath in the words.
to be transformed, creating a sort of
visual art in my head,
my heart,
and my inspiration.

thanks music for all you do to make life:

(and thanks thunderstorms for making me more peaceful and the earth singing and dancing with each drop! Ahh.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

a thousand words

pictures say a thousand words. 

some are evident.
some take time.
some are imagined.

some are like stories from a distant land.

some bring us full circle.

some make new circles and paths for us to follow.

some inspire.

some weep with memories.

some smile so big it makes us want to shout
for what we don't know, out loud.

some stir our souls to breath a little deeper,
a little longer.

some question.

some demand.

some bore.

some want us now.

some make us salivate
and feel and desire.

some motivate.

some are fuzzy.

some need to age for a while until we understand.

some are keepers of dreams

some are unfinished and finished and full of life

some move you to be more

and do more

and live big

some just make you want to roll 
on the floor with tears of joy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I think I blinked too long

A lot happens in a year.
In my quiet, Mommy moments, I am stunned, in a sad, 
nostalgic way,
at how much they change, Rohan and Max, 
almost daily.
They excite me, wow me, frustrate me to no end,
challenge me, demand of me,
love with no thought to 
conditions and with arms full of
forgiveness, when that is warranted.

I sometimes wonder if my parents had time to have these 
moments. They worked so many hours and 
had many more children.
Are these the luxuries and curses of
the part-time working momma?

I think it is just part of humanity.
Living in the quiet space with our thoughts.

I wish to love more wholly, to breath a little deeper,
to snuggle a little closer,
laugh a little louder,
for there will be another picture next year and 
the ones I see now will be gone.

Carpe Diem.

Monday, July 5, 2010

not exactly how I pictured it

I am not complaining. I have nothing to complain about.
I am a bit disappointed in myself 
and the vision I had of what this summer looked like.

I was sure I would be in the studio everyday working out new 
glazes and trying new clays, earthenware clays.

That has not happened.

I get up, go for a run if Jay is not working early,
do some kind of reading, writing, math with the kids
do general cleaning, yard work, errands,
and we are off.... it seems like the day is like a torpedo.
Once we are launched we land at dinner time with tired,
pleasantly tired, bodies and the house all heated up to
a toasty 80 plus. Not conducive to productivity.

I lounge around after dinner and never recuperate.

I have one last thing to repair on the kiln. The sitter tube and rod need to be replaced in order to house the cone properly. It will bend and shut the kiln off too early because the rod is bent and not working properly.

I am planning to get a new one tomorrow and then the only excuses I will have 
will be lame
It will be me and the clay and thats it.

we have been busy. 

After running, walking the dog and doing some
errands, we spent the day at the pool with a friend.
Afterwards we picked wine berries at her house,
a lot,
then we came home (5:00) 
and made lemonade berry slushies.
I made dinner, uploaded some photos,
got the boys to bathe (a rare occurrence)
and am now blogging 7:14)
I am hoping for an early bedtime for them.

(I am reading a great new book by Isabella Allende: 
Island Beneath the Sea. 
She is one of my favorite authors and I have been on
the waiting list at the library.
So far I love it.)

I need to make some concrete goals.
I am not a list maker. Never have been.
I am a dreamer though and sometimes my dreams
are wonderful and exciting and enduring.

I am ready to settle into a routine that includes my
basement studio.

Now I just have to do it.

Here are some images of our day.
We have a new diving board expert.
It took some serious bravery on his part but he is
"addicted" now!

How soon 'not now' becomes 'never' 
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

How true and scary and how motivating.

My you overcome a barrier today as I have plans to do myself.
Well, at least I have it in my plans for tomorrow.