Monday, March 5, 2012

it's all in a name, or is it....

Several months ago 
I was thinking about names.

Names for my potter studio.

At one time I had, I thought, 
cleverly named myself 

Functional Earth

That name does not suit me now.

I thought maybe I wanted a funny name.

I am finding that I am way less serious
about life in general then I used to be.

Several friends offered great ideas,
suggested I ask my kids for help,
and after plotting and thinking 
and scheming 
and wondering,

I think I will just be

Andrea Freeman.

Now should I be: 

Andrea Freeman Pottery

Andrea Gardiner Freeman Pottery

Andrea Freeman Studio

Andrea Freeman Works

Not sure.

I want to figure it out soon. 
Like Yesterday.

For my blogger friends,
I had my first batch of earthenware pots come out of the kiln.

They were very exciting to me and have put some
embers burning in my soul!

I will post some photos later!

So here I go. 

Next a tax number,
a light box,
and batches and batches of slip tests.

Including some terra sig, I hope!!!