Friday, September 6, 2013

It's September ya'll!

Time, and how we perceive it depending on the moment,
continues to just befuddle me.

Here it is September.
Max will be 9 next month,
Rohan is now officially a middle schooler.

What happened to those cubby cheeked boys.
Those toddling wonders.

What I would say is that each step of the journey... 
of this parenting thing,
amazes me.
It is beautiful and utterly, and terrifically hard.

Here are this weeks images.

(We play a game called the drawing game. Each person adding onto anothers drawing. I 
am always amazed and surprised by the results.)

So long ago, yet not so long ago.

Time, slow down just a tad, would you?

The fairy is floating on clouds... oh i do love that.

The pig and being chased by a butcher and the fairy is leading him to safety, or her.

Pickles is feeling very lovey dovey this week.

Max gets to choose different ways to study for his spelling tests... writing the words in salt is one of them

So Cool.

Rohan drew this at school and hung it on my wall.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Here we go... hold on tight... It's a New Year!

This year, this beginning of a new school year, seems significant.
It seems powerful and full of possibility.

I suppose it always does. 
This year feels different.
Maybe because Rohan is now a middle schooler.
And Max is in the upper elementary school classes.
6th and 3rd.
They seem so much more mature this year.
So full of responsibility and purpose.

We ended our summer with political rallies, the Taming of the Shrew (put on in two weeks, yes, holy cow), hikes in the woods, time viewing screens and revamping and rethinking and regenerating for this new year. This new school year. 
It always feels new for me too.
Like this is when we should celebrate  New Years. 

Rohan continues to love acting. He continues to push himself and wow's me in the process. 
He is loving Middle School and that right there is
 something to be in awe about. 

Max continues to show me just how mature he is for an almost 9 year old. 
Max is a kid who feels safe with himself... He feels confident.
I love his free spirited attitude and his seriousness about about which he goes forth in the world, on his own. 

As August becomes September, I always stop, and pause and reflect on just how fast it all happens. 
This life thing.

North Carolina is passing laws that are directly affecting the kids.
If we get the kids involved, things will change. Yes, they will.

Dress Tacky Day. I am so proud. :)

Friends and laughter

Rohan/Tranio in the Taming of the Shrew

A special order for a friend heading off to college.

something I try to do everyday.

our beautiful world

Rohan picked this flower for me.

The first day of school. Morning.

The first day of school evening. 
(He did love school, just his way of unwinding, making potato art)

Fooky's first bath by the boys... it went well. And Mom is thrilled they have a new job!

Happy New Year to you All. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rohan and Max.... growing like weed. Beautiful Weeds.

A few images of our year so far...

Rohan continues to love acting... performing in The Seagull this past June and Taming of the Shrew in a week. I love to watch him perform. He always surprises me with his talent. Rohan is officially a middle schooler and begins 6th grade in three weeks! Holy Cow.

Max continues to love Soccer, building, helping and inventing. He loves school and is a natural leader.
I admire his determination and fire.

I am making pots and loving it. I am struggling a bit with the business part but slowly but surely it is coming together. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to even try my hand at being a potter.
Jay, my other half, makes this possible with his working a soul sucking job. 
I am a lucky lady and wife. 

Here is to summer and all it has provided us. Here is to an approaching fall full of
Hope you all have been well.
I miss blogging.
Not sure I will be consistent but I sure do miss it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

encouraging courage

My boys just went on their first walk in the
(almost a mile from home)


Okay.. yes, this is a different time,
yes, media makes the world
so much scarier.

Yes.. we did so many things our kids don't do.
We are too scared for them.

The past month the boys have begun walking the dog around our small block.

They each take a turn. 
Each building up their own confidence 
about what feels safe.
About feeling like a part of the community.

Today they went together
(not always a safe option: brothers are not always nice to each other)
and I gave them $5.00.
They are on their very first adventure to a candy/soda/convenience
They get to buy what they want.
They get to experience freedom,
and decision making,
and real life learning.

Yeah, we did this all the time as kids.
Today, though, is their day.

May it be successful.
May they be excited 
and may they come home safe and 
wiser for their experience.

I am excited for them.
I will also be happy when they come barreling in the house,
out of breath and full of their stories.

Life is a beautiful adventure. 
Hold on tight, take a deep breath
and love.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Three or four times a year I get this deep aching sense of time passing.
As I see my kids grow and inch, listen to their wise words,
notice them needing me less.

I want to grab them and wrap them up and duct tape and savour the moment.

Most often I do not do this. I wallow for a moment 
and then move on.
I say promises to myself about how I will spend more quality time,
how we will be more purposeful.
But more often we just move about our day. 

I am not saying I do not cherish them.
The boys.

I just sometimes forget to stay put.
To absorb the hug given
or the plea for my time.

I forget to be present.

Parenting is a 
wild and

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Live Big

I have not forgotten this blog.
I have not forgotten how awesome it is to have
To be a mom.

Even when it seems insane and
completely out of control,
I would not change any of it.

I have kids who are funny.
They are intense.
They are creative
and whiny
and argumentative,
and huggy 
and gift me with words I do not deserve.

My kids are growing up so quickly.
Breathing and watching and being, in the moment
seems impossible sometimes.
But we all want it.
We seek it.

Rohan now 11, a magical year.. a year that brinks the magic of 
a young child to the beginnings of a man.
5th grade has been good. It has been a year of yes's,
of finding friends who get us, of feeling frustrated and misunderstood, but loved and safe.
Rohan continues to blow my mind with his creativity 
and test me with his swinging emotions. 
All part of the beautiful package.
He will begin working on a play The Seagull by Chekov next month,
The play goes on at NC Stage The last in June.

Max is 8 and strong and determined. He works hard in school, annoys the heck out of brother, continues to like to play soccer and challenge himself with other venues. He still cooks, and like to vacuum, and to emulate his brother while despising him all at the same time. 
This is a year of finding his own way. Of making some small breaks from his attachment to his brother and find his own friends and spaces to figure out who he is. 
Max is a lover. He is also a mini tornado or volcano. 

As we moved now into this new year... we find much to be celebrating.
WE are blessed. 
We have many people we adore and who adore us. That is all we can ask for.

Carpe Diem.

Hoping to make it back here more often. Like once a week. I miss reading blogs and
I miss sharing my own thoughts and ideas....