Tuesday, August 9, 2011

things happen for a reason, right? and makin' it.

Sometimes I feel like I never grew up. I make seriously ridiculous mistakes or over-sites and not sure exactly why. Well, I did that recently and it made me sad but also inspired to make. things.

The ECU art department is having an Alumni show. I was really excited about having a goal to work toward.... something I often need. Well, I have been making this summer... not as much as I would have liked but more then I have in a long time. I was working on two tall pedestal stools for the show (2 to 2 1/2 feet tall). Well, they blew up.... I guess I raised the kiln's temperature too fast... big, explosive, lesson learned.

So I busted a move to work on some other things I have been enjoying... the Max dinnerware sets and a series of hand built pieces inspired by architecture and sacred spaces.

I signed up for the show... waited for the second reply and it never came... oh, well, I thought, I told them I was going to do the show so they must have my info... well, no. June 8th a email went out that I failed to read or something.... the week the kids got out of school and my busiest week working of the summer. (all excuses here to make myself feel better ;o)).

I did not make it into the show because I failed to respond to the email. I found out this week after I became more curious why I did not have more details..... I was very sad, mad and almost in tears. But..... it was all me and it is about life lessons and moving forward with grace.

I fired some work yesterday... I love some of the ideas, a lot. Here are a few.

each architectural sculpture has an eye hole at the top for looking down into the piece

The Max series makes me smile.

There will always be other opportunities to share my work.... 
life is beautiful that way.