Sunday, March 3, 2013

encouraging courage

My boys just went on their first walk in the
(almost a mile from home)


Okay.. yes, this is a different time,
yes, media makes the world
so much scarier.

Yes.. we did so many things our kids don't do.
We are too scared for them.

The past month the boys have begun walking the dog around our small block.

They each take a turn. 
Each building up their own confidence 
about what feels safe.
About feeling like a part of the community.

Today they went together
(not always a safe option: brothers are not always nice to each other)
and I gave them $5.00.
They are on their very first adventure to a candy/soda/convenience
They get to buy what they want.
They get to experience freedom,
and decision making,
and real life learning.

Yeah, we did this all the time as kids.
Today, though, is their day.

May it be successful.
May they be excited 
and may they come home safe and 
wiser for their experience.

I am excited for them.
I will also be happy when they come barreling in the house,
out of breath and full of their stories.

Life is a beautiful adventure. 
Hold on tight, take a deep breath
and love.