Saturday, November 26, 2011

noggy and unnoggy

Rohan is on a creative drawing kick.

We are (rohan and I) 
struggling with so many issues right now 
around attitude and 
taking responsibility for our actions...

 when Rohan is 
creative he inspires me 
and helps me celebrate him.

He needs to be celebrated.

This is his newest creation about Egg Nog.

"let your egg boggy dreams come true"

a very small book rohan made for me ;o)

these guys have had WAY too much egg nog!

Egg nog clouds... its a "cristmas mirical"

"Buda" contemplating milk egg nog or soy nog

Buda deciding which egg nog to take to Zeus Party~ Hermes is delivering the "evetation"

I hope I never go to jail for wanting too much egg nog.

rohan's first egg nog drawing

my absolute favorite of all the drawings... it might just become our Christmas card.

I have been in an out of the blogging world.

Still reading others but not taking time or creative energy to share.

Kiln just went kaputz again.... mid firing (poo and tears)

Working with a friend to make money so I can keep the kids magic alive on Christmas.

Planning to check off a big one in May. Running a marathon. Have wanted to since I was 17.
Just one. Nothing heroic but a goal that seems achievable.

Hope everyone is enjoying a glass of egg nog. I prefer rum in mine but am not too picky.