Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's always the little things, a moment. Always.

I had a moment this week.

One of those slap you in the face,

 make you feel sad, happy, distressed, awe inspired,

appreciative, relieved, full of it: that life thing, moments.

A small person brought me to this moment. 
Not one of mine, although they do a lot.

This was a small person whom I recently met, on a walk downtown.

Our moment:

We were walking, beautiful day, a group, single file.
We walked a long way and saw many different buildings, people, smelled wonderful things and well, not so wonderful things. 
We waved to people, talked about things we like to do and be and think.

A friendly man waited for us to pass as the large group swarmed the sidewalk. This man had a beautiful smile, a bag and a drink. My little friend said, "Hey" and waved excitedly. The Man smiled and waved back. My little friend looked at me with bright eyes and said, "That man lives in the same house as me!" 

We walk a few block further. There are several people sitting on the sidewalk with their bags, talking, smoking and waiting. They were waiting for the Salvation Army to open.

As we walk passed my little friend says, with the most joyful voice, "My family eats there all the time!" 

My heart dropped. I am a mom. I was only imagining what this meant to his mom, to his family. But in the same split second I felt my heart warm and melt at the innocence and pure happiness that radiated from my little friends voice.
He was content with this life, his reality.
He has joy and felt joy about it.
It was me having the "feelings".

As we continued walking I asked him what his favorite meals were there. He rattled of a huge list. The other kids oohed and ahed at the list. They too wanted to try this restaurant.

A single moment can change everything. 
The way you look at everything and everyone.

It is the little things in life. 
These are the most meaningful and the most remembered.

I may not remember my little friends name in 20 years but I will always remember this moment.

I will always remember that reality is what you make of it, of what YOU choose to feel about it. 

Little friends are the most powerful teachers.