Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i need a drink... no really, i do.

Okay, maybe I am not supposed to be a potter after all.

Fired today.
Well, at least I thought I would be.

^06 went down at 1:30.... Hooray!

I was super excited, and yes I am one of those who put cone packs in an electric kiln, I am programmed to make cone packs.

An hour ago I went to check... all the lights were glowing and the inside was that beautiful red hot every potter loves to see.


I went to check again.

Nothing. The lights on the elements were off. The breaker was not off, the plug was good,
the cone did not set it off, nothing I could see should have made the connection to the elements turn off.

I really want to cry but I am too angry and sad and frustrated. 

At this point I just want to know that I did not spend all this money on a "thing" that is not EVER going to work.

Bummed is an understatement.

I am so thankful that Monks invented beer. I need one.


  1. Oh noooo - I'm so, so sorry. Hang in there - it seems like you're a lot closer to it working now than you were before. And your work is so beautiful, it's going to be totally worth it!

  2. Just wait, you will get it right, it will fire beautifully and all the glazes will pinhole! It's the way of clay, I truly believe we get tested to see how badly we really want to be potters. It is the most frustrating art form I have ever explored, Probably why I like it, if it's not hard I don't stick with it apparently! I'm having a beer right now for ya:)

  3. Yuck! I was dying to call today to see what had happened during your firing - sorry to hear it went badly. Did you call Les? I wish I knew more about this aspect of ceramics and could be more help. Lisa and I are looking seriously at the hatchery and may have room for a third potter in our space so if all else fails you could get in our firings if we move our kilns over. Jennifer

  4. Thanks everyone for the words of wisdom. I had a hard time sleeping last night but I know that life presents us with challenges for a reason... and Tracy you are right... this is my test. I have been on the border of taking the plunge for way too many years... this is my test, challenge, push to really make this happen.
    Les, my repair guy, is consorting with his people and will get back to me today...
    It is a lesson in patience and resilience which I try to instill in my boys... this is my turn to see how hard it really is.

    Jennifer... can't wait to get together again. Soon! Please! ;o)


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