Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heaven Mail

Rohan has been working so hard for the last three months writing and performing this
piece about the death of his Great-Grandmother: Gigi.

 Last night was his performance.

Have you ever passed gas at the most embarrassing moment? Well, poor Rohan did last night, at
the beginning of his performance. It paralyzed him and he was unable to remember the next line.
With a prompt from Mom, not only did he recover, he recovered with dignity and power.

He continues to impress me and surprise me with his integrity.

I have to admit, having seen him perform this at least 50 times, that he has been more powerful but in the
moment of the stage+nervousness+a OMG+ recovery, I just could not be more impressed. He even left out a few lines and moved on like a pro. Rohan you are amazing.

(The lighting and sound are not perfect but we are hoping to have a friend edit it and make it better ;o)).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

prishope, pots, and panting

 = pray, wish, hope.

There are times in our journey here on earth that we all need Prishope.

Jay and I have a couple of good friends who have been battling
with cancer.

One of our friends began an amazing Facebook support page called 

Prishope: the power of positive thoughts united.

Prishoping can change the world.


I don't have a place set up for taking photos and I just wanted to 
get a couple of shots of things I liked so that I could share and remember.
These are works in progress and there are only elements of each pot I like 

I am excited to get busy. The studio will be put back together this week
and I will begin the process of making, testing, firing, making, testing,

(this claybody is a mixture and has a grey tone that reminds me of some Scandinavian pots I have seen
from the 70's)

just liked how the green sat on top of the surface.. giving it some nice dimension.

some carving with a matt white on top- this I like and want to do more

same as above and the only pot I brought upstairs to use ;o)


The hot chocolate race is over and I did about the same time I 
did last year, which is disappointing, but I felt better and finished feeling stronger, panting.

I did not push myself like I wish I had now, but I am proud that I did it and finished it!

My boys did awesome running their 1K up hill. 
It was soooooooo Cold yesterday and they were troopers.

I usually get warm after 2 miles but seriously I was still cold at the end of the 6.2 miles and felt cold the rest of the day.

Our school raised over $12,000!
WE have some amazing parents who dedicated hours and hours and hours
to improve our children's education and create a fantastic race that is becoming really respected by the running community!

rohan was in the top 15 of over 150 kids. 

max ran his race, pacing himself and smiling all the way!

Me finishing the race...up hill, with a wonderful friend motivating me to
finish strong. (she finished 10 minutes earlier and 1st in her age group!)

My boys sporting their well deserved medals and cool shirts.

So here we are:

~Rohan performs tomorrow night at 7:30
~I am thinking about signing up for a half marathon
~Rohan turns 9 next Thursday
~We make an excursion to Atlanta to celebrate Rohan, soon
~My studio will have an over haul and a rebirth this week!

and most of all:

~I am constantly inspired by people taking a day in their life and making it

Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be

 until you are what

 you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality. 

Martin Luther King, Jr.

(this is actually my favorite MLK quote ;o))

I am on the path to becoming the me I ought to be. Life's journey!

I want to thank the constant flow of friends and family that push me to 

do more

and be more

Friday, January 21, 2011

the pay off

Tomorrow is the Hot Chocolate 10K and the Kids 1K Hill Run at our school. 
The boys are running the hill run and I am running the 10K. 
It will be a chilly gathering tomorrow.

I am dreaming of being just slightly nervous with an excitement to run.
A dream of course. More likely too nervous and a dread in the pit of my stomach.

I know that finish line will be glorious ;o)

Rohan's acting class had to postpone their December performances because of snow.
This Monday his class will perform their monologues.
He has worked so hard and has taxed his emotions with this one but I know
he will feel so proud of himself Monday night as he wow's the audience.

I will post the video next week for sure.

We have a new furnace and now I can put my studio back together... which is actually right in front of the furnace in the basement!

I am looking forward to making more pots that excite me and finding a good way to photograph them.

Here is to dreaming, failing and retrying and failing and learning and discovering what is possible.

~In clay, in relationships, in physical challenges, in cooking, in LIFE~

Saturday, January 8, 2011

the snowy adventures of a woman and her dog

Do not speak unless you can improve the silence ~proverb quotes 

(check out the snow flakes in this my favorite)

I love dogs for so many reasons.
They want to do whatever you want.
They do not judge you or demand from you anything but love
and the occasional potty break.
They snuggle, protect, encourage, rejoice and
are full of excitement that you are alive....
regardless of your mood.

Thanks Fooky for a most magical walk with no complaining
and only silent wonder.

(one of my all time favorite bumper stickers:
God teach me to be the person my dog thinks I am)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011: Let's do this thing

Seriously? It's 2011?
 People keep telling me that time gets faster
the older I get.
I am not that old and I feel like I just blinked and 2010 was gone.

Is is all the redirecting and intervention, the cooking, washing of clothes,
working, driving, doctor visits, grocery shopping that propels time into something unattainable?

Granted there are times when a couple of hours seems like a few months. But then the month is gone and a new month is already beginning. I can't keep up. Maybe I need to get into some kind of time chasing shape? Are there classes for that at the Y?

So, I decided to run our schools Hot Chocolate 10K again this year. I am already nervous. Really. I am one of those people. Beware.

I did not run for the last part of November and all of December. I was working a lot and had a cold that just would not retreat.
So here I go trying to get all my running in before the race day January 22nd.

No. It is really not a big deal. I was born to feel anxious about something and since the furnace is working okay at the moment and we are getting a new one for sure, I have to focus my anxiety on something else.

New Year's resolutions? Not really. I am sure to dwell on the lack of whatever it is I am going to give up and fail the first day so I just make a mental list of
what would make this year/life better.

1. be a yoga person. I try and fail a lot.
2. remind Jay more how proud I am of him and all he does for our family.
3. be patient: with my kids, my husband and myself
4. make pots I want to photograph
5. make pots
6. fire pots
7. find the energy to exercise, go to the studio, 
be a great mom and work (part-time) all in the same day
(Jen Mecca share your secret)!
8. always be a advocate for my kids... their daily cheerleader.
9. eat more food I have (or the community garden) has grown
10. sell some pots
11. spend more time with FAMILY and all my nieces and nephews!
12. Call my parents more. They need to know how much I appreciate them all.
And I do... So Much!

Okay, well that about does it for now. My kids are playing together without using hands right this minute so we all are sharing a moment of peace.

I love peace. In any form I get it.

Peace to this house and to the world.

Bring it on 2011!!!

Just a few lego projects put together over the holidays. They actually got three more after Christmas with gift certificates... that are not photographed! 

boba fett's ship!

luke's sand speeder and fooky

Hogwarts castle

A scene from a battle at Hoth (star wars lingo)