Saturday, March 5, 2011

proud-filled weekend

Well, in this rough economy, our family actually has much to be thankful for.
Jay was promoted from assistant manager to manager this week.

He decided not to apply for this position because they would not be able to pay him what he wanted for the job.
Well after six months of applications, the company could not find who they were looking for. No one was right for the position so...

They offered Jay the job and at the exact amount he desired!!!!
I am very proud of the hard work, dedication, work ethics  and long hours he has put in to make our lives more full.

This reward is so deserved and will show off all of his leadership qualities.
He is going to be an awesome boss.

So... if you are in Asheville and need office supplies, Officemax on tunnel road will provide the best customer service there is!!!

Whoo Hoo Jay!!!!

Onto other boys in my life: 

As most of you know, Rohan is in an intensive acting class. This semester they are studying Shakespeare scenes. The class is memorizing six or more scenes and then "auditioning" for the scene.
Rohan has been working very hard, every day reading and memorizing these parts. There was one in particular he connected with.
King Henry V.

Today, during class, he asked his teacher if he could perform it.
He blew the teacher away.
He was given the part and asked to participate in a special
performance this Tuesday at noon at NC Stage.

I was so proud of that little booger for several reasons.

1. He has worked really hard, with little complaints, memorizing  all of these scenes the  last three weeks.

2. He was brave enough to ask to perform it in front of the class
(not typical Rohan behavior)

3. He got the scene he really wanted!!!!

I feel so excited for him.

Lastly, My buddy Max is really doing awesome this year in Kindergarten. He has never been to school before and is thriving. He is a strong reader, has a solid grasp on Math and is great at following the class rules.
He has made some serious leaps in his anger/control issues by setting up a schedule for himself for the day. So that he is in control and does not have to be "controlled". He is a determined, hard working six year old.

He begins soccer in a couple of weeks and has been practicing in side yard. ;O)
(his mama smiles big that he loves soccer, her favorite)

I am one lucky lady.

As for me.... I hurt my knee running last Monday and am trying to get it back in order. Swimming instead. 
I am trying to organize our stuff-filled house, a little at a time.

I am looking forward to more kiln tests and design exploration 
and I am just enjoying this mild weather in the basement.

The clay does not make my fingers feel like I have arthritis :0)

Much to feel joy about here on Annie street.

Cheers and clink!