Friday, July 29, 2011

for my sister Annie, Ann Mary, Ann: i love her so

I am sitting here listening to Simon and Garfunkel pandora station, thinking of you, Ann Mary.
Thinking of our growing together. 
Our moments of sisterhood.

My first memory is of 38th street, Washington D.C. summer on the front steps, drums in hand,
singing our song, we still know. Our audience having to listen over and over and paying to do so.

Then Cullowhee, N.C., blackberry picking for the day. Camping on the ridge, walking to town with Tom, our first real night staying up all night, even if unwillingly.

An airplane ride, a long airplane ride, collecting hard liquor bottles up and down the isles.
Then landing in, what has to be the hottest place I ever been at night. 2 a.m. and 103 degrees, 
Dehli, India~ before flying through the clouds or mountains, not knowing which is which, into our new home for the next year for me, two years for you: Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our year together in our bedroom with views of the tallest mountains in the world. 
Rickshaw riding, with you. (do you know that Bodeans song)
I loved Rickshaw riding with you. 
And our three day trek, just you and me, a Shirpa and porters. I was 11 and you were 8. Holy Cow. 
I loved being your big sister. 
I loved being there for you. 
You were so brave.
I have always thought so.

Back to D.C. with porches, books, jolly ranchers, pools and long walks, continuing our journey of sisters who do not always live together, and always excited to see each other again.

We grew up a lot... we are so different, yet have always been able to find ways to bring comfort to one another with our ways.

I miss hanging out with you Ann Mary.

You will always be Ann Mary to me ;o).

We missed you at the beach and this long viewing session is for you
so you might feel a little bit of what it was like. 
I found the magic this time thanks for encouraging me:

My big ass beautiful family:

my amazing dad

rick and gracie

my family

my sister Kathy, Big Tim, Little Tim and Matt

Mike, Angie, Zach, Ben and Claire

Tom, Maria, Rachel and John

The Crandalls Elizabeth, Steve, Emily, Charlotte, Margaret, Paul, Caroline, Mark,
Jon Michael, Andrew, Harriet and Audrey

April, Chris, Max and Dash

the siblings minus Ann Mary

our big ass beautiful family (37 in all)

the two Max's snuggling: buddies for life

max and Jay

Mom/Fran and I



the first of a new tradition: parents night out!!!

wasabi fun

my boys

Ann Mary, I can't wait to hang out with you at the wedding in September!!!
Then we will plan another sister get together. 

I need more Annie time.

I love you to the moon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

and it all began with a game of Ninja

So I am not great at packing 
and not stressing.
I try not to get all ADD while I am sorting
 and planning 
and puzzling all the bags 
and pillows 
and boogies boards 
into every inch of the van.

There is a magic to getting everything in the right place.
A deep satisfaction.

But while trying to breath this satisfaction into the van, the boys are doing their thing.
Some of these "things" I approve of, while others drive me to the infamous,
"Go. Out. Side. Now." saying.

Well, they are up to it again. A well planned and thought out game of 
(the boys)


The Stuffed Animals

For some reason they all had to wear hats.

Maybe they hid their weapons in there.

Who knows?

As I was reminding them, for the 50th time today, not to play in a certain room,

Rohan pipes up and says, so matter-of-factly, as Rohan does so well,

"It's kind of annoying!!"

Well, yes, Rohan it is. 

So there you have it. 

At least my kids are still super creative while I am off being 


My super hero name for the day.

I should get an award too.

It is a talent.

Tomorrow, though, I will be the Mom who the minute we get to the beach,
puts my suit on with them and runs straight to the water
screaming with glee.

I hope they rename me tomorrow.

But for today:

I am stressing out. 
Like it or Lump it.