Friday, June 10, 2011

dreaming in greens (with buckets of thanks)

This time of year always startles me. I feel like I have awoken from a hazy slumber to find everything green. I mean so green that the entire visual landscape has erupted and altered and created a new environment. It is as if I missed something altogether and the world changed without me.
A new, hot, energy comes alive and I am ready to adventure and explore with this altered bubbling spirit.
The fans are a whirring, the birds are enjoying conversations only they are privy to but seem to involve us anyway (at 5 a.m., 6 a.m. and any other time of day something important in going on in the trees), some animals scurry,others flop about in a lazy stupor. 
Sprinklers, balls, bikes, board games, picnics are abound, bathing suits become our skin.
Bare feet and half naked kids run rampant, like crazed maniacs,like caffeinated, chocolate infused maniacs, until, at last they fall over, unable to move except to view the glowing box filled with movies and endless crappy t.v. shows.
Did I mention popsicles. The thousands of frozen licks and slurps and drips that fill each day at about hot o'clock as we search for that perfect shady spot to lull in as we melt, together.
Afternoon thunder and hopeful rain might bring the slightest breeze which becomes a celebration and a renewed energy for the evening cards, walks, frisbee.


I am spoiled rotten. 

Thanks Jay for this time for me to be the best Mom I can and to give the boys the best childhood I could imagine for them.

(I wanted to give a special shout out to Max who donated 11 inches of his hair to Locks for Love, in memory of his cousin Isabel and for all our loved ones who have fought the big, evil, C.)