Friday, September 6, 2013

It's September ya'll!

Time, and how we perceive it depending on the moment,
continues to just befuddle me.

Here it is September.
Max will be 9 next month,
Rohan is now officially a middle schooler.

What happened to those cubby cheeked boys.
Those toddling wonders.

What I would say is that each step of the journey... 
of this parenting thing,
amazes me.
It is beautiful and utterly, and terrifically hard.

Here are this weeks images.

(We play a game called the drawing game. Each person adding onto anothers drawing. I 
am always amazed and surprised by the results.)

So long ago, yet not so long ago.

Time, slow down just a tad, would you?

The fairy is floating on clouds... oh i do love that.

The pig and being chased by a butcher and the fairy is leading him to safety, or her.

Pickles is feeling very lovey dovey this week.

Max gets to choose different ways to study for his spelling tests... writing the words in salt is one of them

So Cool.

Rohan drew this at school and hung it on my wall.