Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm here and feeling life's grace

Not much inspiration for blogging right now. I miss it but don't feel compelled to share any new information.

I am still working, moving, mothering, working, moving and mothering.

This weather is schizophrenic but I kind of like it like that. Soon we will be sweating and swimming and cooling ourselves in any section of shade that graces our path.

I am swimming more and running a little and working a lot.

I am thinking a lot about life and how fragile it is. My wonderful friend Barbara had a very painful weekend watching her mother's health decline rapidly and with grace, and a day with family, her mother moved on to the spirit world last night.
These are the moments when you are really in it. When life surrounds you, lashes at you, pounds you with sadness, some thoughts of peace, and with a clear understanding of how much we love the person and just how much we can LOVE. It brings what is actually important about life and relationships and smashes it in our faces. (whether we want it or are ready for it, or not.)
 I wish for her a generous time for grieving, as well as a feeling of being surrounded by love and moments of deep breaths, beautiful skies and joy.
 Barbara is a generous,  ever smiling, loving friend who is always there to listen with sincerity and willing to be there at a moments notice. I am sending her wings of love tonight and for a while, as she moves through this heart wrenching moment in life.

Carpe Diem. Indeed.