Thursday, October 14, 2010

biting the bullet, proposals and camping.....

Well, I did it. 
I called someone to help me not screw up my kiln MORE.
I did not tell you what happened when I installed my ground wire.

My plug and ground wire did not come with instructions.
I guessed.
I guessed wrong.
I installed the ground wire wrong and when I turned the power on
 there where sparks and the fuse flipped off.
I said this out loud I think.

I opened the other boxes on the other parts of the kiln to se what I did wrong, a little late..... 
OH, you have to bolt it to a separate place entirely.

I feel not so smart at this point and wonder what I have fried.

Well, L. has assured me it is the infinity switch. I tell him to come any way and make sure and help me make this crazy, now seemingly foreign thing, work!!!!

So, Sunday I hope to have a working kiln or at least concrete answers as to what to do next.

Sigh and I can't wait.

the culprit 

Most of you know the story of Max and his many proposals, but for those (family members) who do not do the evil Facebook I will fill you in.

I noticed Max's allure on my first field trip. Two or three girls puckered up their lips at him waiting for something to be returned.
Max would have nothing to do with it.

Then Max kept telling me about this girl who would drive him crazy wanting to sit next to him wherever he was. "Mom, You don't know her. She is crazy. She will NOT leave me alone."

So Wednesday I am picking up the boys and Max first. His class comes out in a line.
Max runs over to me and it begins. The series of proposals.
A, oh so sweet, kiss is blown his way. And this follows,

 "Max, I'll marry you when I grow up". 

There is a slight pause.

Then a another blown kiss further on down the line and a "Me,too!"
and another and another and another.

I stood there wondering what just happened.

Then I saw Max. He grimaced, flashed his smirky smile and turned off in disgust as I busted out laughing with a feeling of OMG what just happened.

Today two new girls professed their desires for marriage.

I think we will read Where Did I Come From this weekend.

Rohan and the entire Third grade are camping tonight.
Jay and Max are there right now eating dinner, singing camp songs and eating smores.

How cool to spend the night with your class and friends in a cabin and experience life outside school with adults you call "teachers".

I will be there all day tomorrow for those of you wondering why I did not join in the fun. Besides, Rohan will have more fun with out "high expectation" Mom there to ruin it for him ;o).

WE have an amazing school with a seriously dedicated staff.

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  1. Poor Max, thanks for sharing on the blog for those of us who are boycotting the f'book!
    I read your earlier post and I have to give Rohan credit for figuring out that timer thing, that's pretty smart in a way....I know you aren't amused, but really the kids that I taught like him in art class were the ones I loved the most, the ones that pushed the limits, questioned everything and wanted to do things on their own terms. It's maddening at this age, but think what a strong mind he will have as an adult! The lying thing sucks of course. I was a huge liar as a kid, and I just won't tolerate it with Wesley,she knows that I find it disrespectful and I have always told her the truth is easier to remember. Lies are hard to remember and get you in way more trouble than you do when you tell the truth!
    Any ideas for my poor child that is trying to write a play for her college application to the School of the Arts and her school's 7th grade class?


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