Sunday, October 17, 2010

holding my breath til tuesday

Someone came today,on a Sunday, to help me with my kiln. I had super
high hopes and as the minutes turned to hours I began to think
My helper left after over 2 hours of trying to figure it out.
I was bummed.

Then, He called and said, I know what it is. It was something really simple
It is all about what wire is hooked where and what ground wire is hooked
there and how tight everything is.

When I got off the phone, I ran down to the basement and fixed it myself!

I am going to fire it on Tuesday.
I will hold my breath until cone 6 bends and the kiln shuts itself off without
me touching a thing!

the inside of the switch box

the inside of the element terminal and all the crazy wires attached properly!

a side view

my headache with hope

This morning was a complete cooperative lego event.
There were lego's everywhere. Seriously.
I was impressed at their determination and drive to work together.
I said as long as they were put away by bed time they could play all day
(except for chore time ;o))

Halloween is an exciting time at our house.
We used to begin decorating Sept. 1. I quietly did not mention
anything Halloween and was able to put it off until Sept. 31!

the boys contribution

this is our family member: Armleg
He was born with an arm for a leg and he hangs in our house all year round.
We love armleg.

Well here is to patience, determination and the dream to have a working kiln.
I hope to have photo's posted of properly fired pots by next Thursday!


  1. Great news on the kiln! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    What will your boys be for Halloween? My 6yo canNOT decide on anything!

  2. Vicki,
    Rohan,8 1/2 ALWAYS makes us his own character/costume : 4, American Knight, 5: Vampirate, 6: mad scientist, 7: skeleton detective.... this is fun and cheap.
    Max almost 6 will probably be Darth Vadar or Boba Fett from star wars... as his birthday is Sunday and he is getting both of those ;o)..
    Thanks for the kiln wishes.
    I will have my boys make kiln gods tonight!!!!


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