Friday, August 30, 2013

Here we go... hold on tight... It's a New Year!

This year, this beginning of a new school year, seems significant.
It seems powerful and full of possibility.

I suppose it always does. 
This year feels different.
Maybe because Rohan is now a middle schooler.
And Max is in the upper elementary school classes.
6th and 3rd.
They seem so much more mature this year.
So full of responsibility and purpose.

We ended our summer with political rallies, the Taming of the Shrew (put on in two weeks, yes, holy cow), hikes in the woods, time viewing screens and revamping and rethinking and regenerating for this new year. This new school year. 
It always feels new for me too.
Like this is when we should celebrate  New Years. 

Rohan continues to love acting. He continues to push himself and wow's me in the process. 
He is loving Middle School and that right there is
 something to be in awe about. 

Max continues to show me just how mature he is for an almost 9 year old. 
Max is a kid who feels safe with himself... He feels confident.
I love his free spirited attitude and his seriousness about about which he goes forth in the world, on his own. 

As August becomes September, I always stop, and pause and reflect on just how fast it all happens. 
This life thing.

North Carolina is passing laws that are directly affecting the kids.
If we get the kids involved, things will change. Yes, they will.

Dress Tacky Day. I am so proud. :)

Friends and laughter

Rohan/Tranio in the Taming of the Shrew

A special order for a friend heading off to college.

something I try to do everyday.

our beautiful world

Rohan picked this flower for me.

The first day of school. Morning.

The first day of school evening. 
(He did love school, just his way of unwinding, making potato art)

Fooky's first bath by the boys... it went well. And Mom is thrilled they have a new job!

Happy New Year to you All. 

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