Thursday, February 21, 2013

Live Big

I have not forgotten this blog.
I have not forgotten how awesome it is to have
To be a mom.

Even when it seems insane and
completely out of control,
I would not change any of it.

I have kids who are funny.
They are intense.
They are creative
and whiny
and argumentative,
and huggy 
and gift me with words I do not deserve.

My kids are growing up so quickly.
Breathing and watching and being, in the moment
seems impossible sometimes.
But we all want it.
We seek it.

Rohan now 11, a magical year.. a year that brinks the magic of 
a young child to the beginnings of a man.
5th grade has been good. It has been a year of yes's,
of finding friends who get us, of feeling frustrated and misunderstood, but loved and safe.
Rohan continues to blow my mind with his creativity 
and test me with his swinging emotions. 
All part of the beautiful package.
He will begin working on a play The Seagull by Chekov next month,
The play goes on at NC Stage The last in June.

Max is 8 and strong and determined. He works hard in school, annoys the heck out of brother, continues to like to play soccer and challenge himself with other venues. He still cooks, and like to vacuum, and to emulate his brother while despising him all at the same time. 
This is a year of finding his own way. Of making some small breaks from his attachment to his brother and find his own friends and spaces to figure out who he is. 
Max is a lover. He is also a mini tornado or volcano. 

As we moved now into this new year... we find much to be celebrating.
WE are blessed. 
We have many people we adore and who adore us. That is all we can ask for.

Carpe Diem.

Hoping to make it back here more often. Like once a week. I miss reading blogs and
I miss sharing my own thoughts and ideas....

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