Tuesday, February 21, 2012

innocence, power and perspective

I would much rather be me now
married with two children, 
then that 20 something year old who felt the world so hard and so deep.
I rarely miss being young and unencumbered. 
But I do miss the wild passion and the endless thoughts that swarmed my 

I wrote two short quotes, way back then, that have stuck with me,
have stayed with me and are still me.

~ Be open to unthinkable wonders

~ The Spirit runs silently on

Although these have meant different things to me over the last 20 something years
they have continue to inspire me and make know that I am okay,
that I have a lot that is worthy inside of me and that celebrating that
is what makes me a better Human, better Mom, Friend, Wife, Alien (in case I ever get to travel out there in that magic).....

Somedays we just need to celebrate parts of ourselves, 
mostly because we don't want to 
really, truly 
need to.

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  1. I thought I had your email address. Send it to me and I will give you the 411 on terra sig!!


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