Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hearts and me

Today is heart day. 
The kids made awesome valentines for their friends,
I bought the token small(est) Whitman's heart shaped boxes for my boys.
a  "special" beer, mint cookies and sourdough bread for my man
and in turn he gave me my best give ever... 
he bought art supplies in my name for kids who need them through
I loved this gift so much. He thought about this and really showed me
how well he knows me.
In turn I realized this would be the best gift for my (other) MOM on her
most special birthday.... 75 years. 
 We love art. 
She taught me to love art 
and I could not think of a better gift to share with her.

Also for heart day Max's class were privileged to have an awesome
While they were gone delivering Valentines to their newly adopted older adult friends...
some parents decorated the room and brought lots of special things in...

They really were surprised.

Rohan was so excited to have a party too... he said,
"Hey, would you rather get candy or no homework?"
His friend said no homework.
He said, "We got both!"
Oh Joy.

So that sums up our heart day. It was lovely.
(poor jay is working tonight so we will go out tomorrow night
to the new neighborhood restaurant: 
We will walk there, of course.

Onto me... wallow, wallow~ 
I will start with the good and end with the good.

I ran today. It was beautiful. It sleeted for a while.
It was with a friend. 
Friends make running better. 

In between I will discuss my bleeping part of my day

and well, frankly, my life.

Those who know me well know I suffer from minor headaches.
So I spare you from reading this....

In my early twenties I began getting headaches regularly..
I call them sinus headaches.
They tend to be a dull but aching pressure on my forehead
and by my nose and sometimes behind my eyes and back of my head.

Okay so why am I talking about this now?
I have had these every day for at least 14 years.
I know.... why in the bleep have I not done anything before now?
Not sure.
I really do have them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 
Some days and weeks are harder then others.
But they do not go away. 

So, Just so you know, I am finally doing something about IT!
I officially do not have allergies,
I do not have a deviated septum or any other ENT issue,
so now I am on to the neurologist.
They certainly are not migraines, I function daily with these...
I am just finally tired of it and think that I just might end up a
better, funnier, and more exciting
 Mom, friend and wife 
if my head cleared up even for a few days a week.
(wink and smile)

This day, heart day, my headache left me feeling lonely for no reason.
It does this at times.
I guess lonely can come in many forms.
Headaches can deter me from doing things I  really want to do:
like studio, garden, play with kids, well, anything.

Some times a phone call from a friend who is willing to listen to you grip and
moan and bitch...
makes you feel better 
makes feel like you are not crazy
and that 
this is an amazing and beautiful thing we are doing....

I am looking forward to finding out what is causing my daily headaches but until then
I will try to keep my bitching down to a minimum. 

Happy Heart Day to you ALL 
And to ALL
a Good Night!


  1. I have these sinus headaches every day too, have had them since I was a kid. I owe mine to second hand cigarette smoke I'm sure, along with chronic bronchitis. I basically just ignore them, didn't even know I was having one until I read your post and.... Oh yeah.... There it is!
    Feel better, sounds like your day was brilliant:)

  2. What a wonderful day with Max's party and the perfect gift from Jay and Rohan having no homework . . . You guys are such a sweet family. As far as the headaches, this may sound so stupid to even propose as I'm sure you've done this already, but are you certain you're drinking enough water? Water with either a little lemon or vinegar? something to make it not just run through your body but be better absorbed? Try increasing to 64 oz. I fill a container at night w/ a little apple cider vinegar and maple syrup and lots of water and put it in the fridge - must finish it each day before bed. When I was doing it (have a had a couple of bad days lately) I felt on top of the world. Worth trying. I feel lonely sometimes too lately - wish I knew how to advise on that one : )


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