Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heaven Mail

Rohan has been working so hard for the last three months writing and performing this
piece about the death of his Great-Grandmother: Gigi.

 Last night was his performance.

Have you ever passed gas at the most embarrassing moment? Well, poor Rohan did last night, at
the beginning of his performance. It paralyzed him and he was unable to remember the next line.
With a prompt from Mom, not only did he recover, he recovered with dignity and power.

He continues to impress me and surprise me with his integrity.

I have to admit, having seen him perform this at least 50 times, that he has been more powerful but in the
moment of the stage+nervousness+a OMG+ recovery, I just could not be more impressed. He even left out a few lines and moved on like a pro. Rohan you are amazing.

(The lighting and sound are not perfect but we are hoping to have a friend edit it and make it better ;o)).


  1. Way to go Rohan and props to mom and dad for helping shape such a strong, creative person!

  2. Bravo! Bravo! That boy will be a star one day for sure. What a beautiful way to honor his grandmother, lovely!

  3. Excellent! Made my wife cry... it was that good. Keep it up Rohan!


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