Sunday, January 23, 2011

prishope, pots, and panting

 = pray, wish, hope.

There are times in our journey here on earth that we all need Prishope.

Jay and I have a couple of good friends who have been battling
with cancer.

One of our friends began an amazing Facebook support page called 

Prishope: the power of positive thoughts united.

Prishoping can change the world.


I don't have a place set up for taking photos and I just wanted to 
get a couple of shots of things I liked so that I could share and remember.
These are works in progress and there are only elements of each pot I like 

I am excited to get busy. The studio will be put back together this week
and I will begin the process of making, testing, firing, making, testing,

(this claybody is a mixture and has a grey tone that reminds me of some Scandinavian pots I have seen
from the 70's)

just liked how the green sat on top of the surface.. giving it some nice dimension.

some carving with a matt white on top- this I like and want to do more

same as above and the only pot I brought upstairs to use ;o)


The hot chocolate race is over and I did about the same time I 
did last year, which is disappointing, but I felt better and finished feeling stronger, panting.

I did not push myself like I wish I had now, but I am proud that I did it and finished it!

My boys did awesome running their 1K up hill. 
It was soooooooo Cold yesterday and they were troopers.

I usually get warm after 2 miles but seriously I was still cold at the end of the 6.2 miles and felt cold the rest of the day.

Our school raised over $12,000!
WE have some amazing parents who dedicated hours and hours and hours
to improve our children's education and create a fantastic race that is becoming really respected by the running community!

rohan was in the top 15 of over 150 kids. 

max ran his race, pacing himself and smiling all the way!

Me finishing the race...up hill, with a wonderful friend motivating me to
finish strong. (she finished 10 minutes earlier and 1st in her age group!)

My boys sporting their well deserved medals and cool shirts.

So here we are:

~Rohan performs tomorrow night at 7:30
~I am thinking about signing up for a half marathon
~Rohan turns 9 next Thursday
~We make an excursion to Atlanta to celebrate Rohan, soon
~My studio will have an over haul and a rebirth this week!

and most of all:

~I am constantly inspired by people taking a day in their life and making it

Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be

 until you are what

 you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality. 

Martin Luther King, Jr.

(this is actually my favorite MLK quote ;o))

I am on the path to becoming the me I ought to be. Life's journey!

I want to thank the constant flow of friends and family that push me to 

do more

and be more


  1. your bowls are great and your family is so brave to get out and run in the cold. I CANNOT get warm this year, so ready for Spring!!!! I am going to send a link to this post to the vice principal of our school who is a runner and would like this idea and would like the idea of raising $12,0000. Great job, look forward to news of the performance!

  2. I LOVE your work - it's just beautiful. Can't wait to see what else starts coming out of your studio. :) Congrats on the Hot Chocolate - was fun to run with everyone.


Your words inspire me to do and be more. So do your thoughts but I just can't read them yet! ;)