Wednesday, September 8, 2010

well, well, well

I surprise myself:
good and bad.
But this week has been all good.
(Don't jinx it right)

Isaac Dickson Elementary finally has an after school Drama Club.
Jessica, the one with a drama background, and I, 
will begin the first annual Drama club on September 27.
We had so many people express interest that we were forced to divide the classes in to two parts. A K-1 program and a 2-5 program.
This fall we will concentrate on classes and then in the spring will put on a production.
I am excited and nervous. 
(I am really not experienced with teaching drama, 
only with refereeing my little actor at home.)

So.... just when I write that something is hard or challenging for me.
I some how feel inspired or pissed off enough by my walls,that I  want to tear them down.

I ran 4 1/2 miles yesterday. 

I made myself do it with mantra's like
"do not stop, think of all the people on biggest loser who run marathons" and "I think I can, I think I can" 
Next time I will be sure to have the theme music from Rocky and Chariot's of Fire to inspire me.

This morning I faced it down.
 That door to the basement, my studio with in it, 
has been plaguing me all summer.
How dare you keep me down!
Well I filled up my coffee mug, charge my ipod shuffle and made a mission for the day.
Glaze and load my kiln.
I did it and happily.
I have not fired it yet because I haven't ever fired it and want to have a full day (6 a.m. on) to be attentive to it and make sure everything is going to run smoothly.
High temperatures and a wood house tend to give me panic attack feelings.

So, in the next three days I will have fired pots out to gawk at.
They might not be to my liking. They might craze and crawl and crack... but I did something I have been putting off all summer.
And it feels good.

I feel like cheers-ing so who ever has a drink(any kind)out there while you are reading this.... cheers.

Here's to surprising ourselves daily.
I have always love the phrase: 
(I fell in love with in 
Dead Poet's Society)

Carpe Diem 

Seize the Day


  1. you GO girl! Even if the firing doesn't go well, you will learn something and be better for it! Yay for the Drama Club. I worked in the theater long ago and there is nothing better :)

  2. I read on Tracey's blog you are single firing your kiln for the first time. Good for you. I just fired my new kiln a few weeks ago for the first time but I am bisquing and then glaze firing. I was conservative and fired for 18 hours. I'd like to try single fire, curious to see how your firing goes. hope you post results. My kiln is in the garage and I keep three fans going to help dissapate the heat. Good luck.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Well, I am glad to read that you fired for 18 hours.... I never reached temp. After 18 hours ^5 had gone down on the bottom but no movement on the top. I need to trouble shoot. It is an older kiln but I did replace the bottom two elements... I think I did not line up each layer properly.. especially the bottom so that the heat was being pulled out the bottom.. Not really sure yet. I am traditionally a gas/salt girl so it has been YEARS since I have messed with electric. I am not giving up... so I might just fire again tomorrow ;o).... or switch to a lower fired clay, which I have been toying with anyway!
    Thanks for your interest... I will certainly post my results regardless of the outcome!


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