Wednesday, September 29, 2010

getting wired...

I think I might fix old electric kilns, part-time, of course.

After changing both the bottom and middle elements and beginning the top... I noticed that the switch wires that connect to the terminal board are all frayed and need to be replaced.

Once again I am on the phone ordering new parts and wondering if I will ever get this old beat up thing working properly.

I really do not want to fix kilns... but I feel like when I am done making this kiln run that I will be able to at least offer some sound advice.

So hopefully Friday I will have the new parts and will be able to put the electrical puzzle pieces together.

Otherwise I am going to have a studio full of unfired work and no room to make more.

That will just not do.

Onto other things.

I had a strange bout of vertigo on Monday. I woke up, dizzy and nauseous and proceeded to throw up from it all. My wonderful kids took care of their breakfast and morning school duties while relishing in the fact that they would be going late to school. I certainly could not drive them.
Daddy had to come home from work and bring them in late.

I lay in bed most of the day. It took two or three hours for the nausea to go away but eventually I began to feel a bit better.

That afternoon was our first After school Drama Club for the Kindergarteners and 1st graders. I went fabulously. The next class is for the 2nd -5th... alternating Monday afternoons. Fun fun even with my dizziness tagging along.
(It has not gone away altogether just more manageable... I think it was from swimming too many laps on Friday and then swimming again on Sunday some water/ear thing.

 This week I have found that there are weird and wonderful connections everywhere.... you just have to be open to them. I love to feel connected.

Now if I could just get my kiln connected it would be awesome!


  1. Here's a weird connection, my husband woke up on Tuesday with inner ear/vertigo problems and one of our bloggers, Peter and a bad ear thing happen to him in flight this week. Did the planet rotate backwards quickly or something and no one told us?!

  2. VERY Strange.... I also heard of one other person this week suffering from dizziness! Maybe we did rotate backwards and I was too busy to notice! Hmmm. Weird indeed.


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