Monday, August 16, 2010

say it isn't so, but it might be fun

Seriously, Max is starting Kindergarten tomorrow!

Rohan is heading downstairs for the first time to enter
 3rd grade.
All I can say is WOW!

My emotions are everywhere and nowhere all at once.

I feel the pang of sadness as I realize my kids are in
the system: public school, and understand just how fast 
those K-12 years go by.
I feel like part of me is packing a trunk to take them
to college tomorrow.

I know. 
You think I am crazy.

Well, I am really.

What am I excited about?

Lunch dates with my hubby.

Runs in the morning.

Going to the Y.

Cleaning out toys that they will never miss ;o) ( i hope)


Hanging out with a cool 3 month old 2 days a week.

Gardening at home and the community garden.


I will say that there is a block that just befuddles me and
I plan to work that out this year on my days by myself and
my afternoons with fellow clay lovers (my boys)

I am excited and scared about me. The time I will spend with me.

It has been too long, as I have allowed it to be, and I am planning
on getting to know myself again.

The suspense of school beginning has heightened everyones emotions.
It will be good to be in a routine,
celebrating everyone's new journey
with lots of family meetings and
snuggle times to
share them.

time flies when you are in love


  1. so beautifully said...if you are crazy then so am i!

  2. Wow... Andrea! I am still single and never became a mom, but I know what you mean I think. Yes, I think. Even for me, when I first met Rohan and Max were little, so I can't believe they are school kids! Time flies.
    It is hard to express(explain) in English for me especially like this emotion. Sorry can't think better word in English... But I just wanted to tell you I've read your page and I enjoyed your words sooooo much! Thank you Andrea!
    Hope you enjoy yourself!

  3. When my daughter started school I had the same thoughts and then I found I was interested in what was going on at school and spent all my "free" time volunteering at her school :)
    Worth every minute, I got to know all of her teachers and her friends, went on some great field trips, so fun, I miss those days. My "baby" is starting school as a senior this year and today went to orientation for the first time ever by herself. Enjoy those quiet hours, it's important to get to know yourself again, I remember doing that and loving it!

  4. Oh I know you will be a little lost at first but its good to spend time getting back to you and when you pick both of them up, you are overjoyed to see them and when you have time for yourself, and you know they are in a good place, you get to rest you mind and enjoy your own thoughts.

    Go have fun with your clay..I know you've missed it!


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