Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Third annual but fourth year there= Carolina Hemlock Camp Ground

Carolina Hemlock is nestled in the crook of the Toe River in Yancey County. 
It is a magical place
that fairies sing about and moss folk long to visit.

You cannot make a reservation. Your desire to be there must be driven by 
faith alone.

Never knowing which site will be open makes for an excitement
reminiscent of childhood dreams.

A good friend invited me to come camping with her and her son,
 four years ago.
Max was almost two and Rohan was five.
The simplicity and beauty stirred something in me.
The children felt free, safe and unbridled.

Since then we have been back every year. I invited another good friend
and she and her son have been part of the camping crew for the last three years.
We have had many other friends and family join us to share in the
magic that is offered.

This year was our biggest group yet and we had a blast. 

Memories are created that will last a lifetime and hopefully be carried on to the next generation.

We met a couple that had been camping there for fifty years and now bring their grandchildren for a week every year.

I hesitate sharing this information and magic.(because I want it all to myself) But I want others to find their own excitement and joy in this natural, water-park, wonderland.


max a tubing master, now ;o)

Me and Patty enjoying one of the best rapids there!

rohan going down one of the big ones

rohan and the jumping rock... please jump only 
and do not do flips like the crazy teenagers I saw!

Karen doing her big leap! 
So fun to have my sister-in-law there with her boyfriend Peter!

max and karen searching for life below

part of the kid crew, there were two other older boys but they only
stayed one night

(Me, Judy(my camping partner in crime)
 Barbara (one of my closest friends
 and first time camping together!)

my fun, silly, beautiful family

We will be back next year or maybe even next month.
Our slice of heaven.

(thanks to my friend Barbara for a lot of these awesome photos!)

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