Saturday, June 5, 2010


I like to read other peoples blogs.

I gain inspiration, insights, ideas and ignition from them.

I get excited to read: what amazing things they have been doing, 

seeing, creating, producing, cooking, planting, playing, crafting,

imagining and living about.

Sometimes I think it all looks too pretty. Is their life really that wonderful,

full of sewn dresses, scones, beautiful flowers and perfect husbands and children?

Not in my world .

Do we/they portray life so amazing because we/they wish it to be 


because it really is for us/them.

Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I compare.

Sometimes I just take a deep breath and realize that this... is it.

This is what it is all about.


Choosing what we want.

 Celebrate or not to Celebrate Life.

When it comes right down to it, I know my life is extraordinary, even through the struggles:

miscommunications, tantrums, sassiness, lunchmaking, laundry folding, lawn mowing,

grocery shopping, sand and animal hair sweeping mess!

(bryson city at deep creek)

(bryson city with aunt's and uncle's)

(star wars with friends)

(building, imagining and playing)

(max's sandwich creation for mom:
tofurky,pepperjack cheese,lettuce/spinach,tomatoes, a friends homemade bread
and nori.)

(rohan magic)

(pyramid lego's)

Sometimes photos make me remember the complexity, beauty and reality of the day.
When I think I have not been enough or done enough or shared enough or created enough, I turn to the images of the day or week or month and remember
that even if I feel like things are difficult or challenging or not up to par.

There is magnificence and wonder in between it all.

The power of imagination makes us infinite.
John Muir

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  1. You take such great pictures Andrea. You know how to capture special moments that would normally go by unseen.

    P.S. Pete and I have been watching the PBS specials about the national parks and learning a lot about John Muir. What a cool dude!


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