Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crick in my neck...

It was really hot yesterday.
At 8:00 p.m. it was 89 still.
Inside our house it was 82.
We don't use air conditioning.
Well, rarely.
 ( I want to save the environment and money,
 when it is convenient for me)

Did I mention before that I am a control freak?
I think I am right, almost all the time, about
almost everything.
This complicates things a lot and makes for
challenging relationships.

On my best days I try my hardest to think before I talk.
I try to say the right thing and listen with respect.
(That does not mean I succeed it just means I try harder)
Those are my best days. 

Who knew, as a child, that the biggest challenges in life
lay within ourselves and not in something or someone else?

Being married and choosing the responsibility of "growing" boys,
is teaching me that control does not bring
 just loneliness 
and anger

They say the first step to change is acknowledging what is not working.
I have known this for a long time about myself and continue
to struggle with changing.

This summer I will work on celebrating differences:
In my children,
In my husband,
In my family.

Success is not my goal.
Respect is.

(Thanks to a friend who encouraged me to be more real)

I still have to share my life through photo's though.
They really do help me remember that even through the
joy is created.

our first day school free
Rohan's first day at the water park

my boys drying out

 this morning it is still 75 in our house
and we live in the mountains!

a weekend of summer celebration 
and making our own choices,
until tomorrow ;o)

This summer is full of possibilities and opportunities 
for making real and magnificent changes,
In attitude and in how we live together.

I will let you know how that is all working out.
Now, I will try to let the kids take more responsibility and 
give them wings to be whomever they are.

Become the change you wish to see in the world.

(possibly my all time favorite quote and role model)

Oh, I did actually wake up with a crick in my neck.
I created it myself.

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  1. you are a very good mother:) I love the photos of your boys splashing around.


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