Wednesday, February 23, 2011

studio greenware and other tales

Life continues on....

with kitty love (i mean LOVE),
little boy smiles,
some new pots
and some tired legs.

my "love" vase

the "max" series, inspired by early max drawings (i added the ears)

utensil holders...

tankards, turned vases

beautiful Pepper the kitty cat.

I am excited to glaze this new batch of pots. For the first time I will bisque them first and see if I can get some
more predictable results.

Running more and more recently. Well, I have to in order not to pass out during the 1/2 marathon. So April 9th will tell all. Do I have it in me or not. I have always wanted to run a marathon. A good friend is trying to talk me into running the Marine Corp Marathon in D.C. in October. It makes me nervous just thinking about it, oh and tired. ;o)
For now I have my sights set on 13.1 miles and will access my level of insanity after that goal is accomplished.

Here's to crocus's and daffodils and the feeling a touch of spring and inspire in the soul.


  1. love these pots. esp the max ones. they are just great!!!

  2. Those pots look great. I made some a few years ago with the girls drawings on them and I was just thinking of doing another series like the beacuse so many folks really liked them. Good luck with all the glaze part! jen


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