Tuesday, February 8, 2011

running and cooking and throwing, oh my

I have committed to a lot recently.

Training for a 1/2 marathon, April 9th.

Art show April 30th, my first in a very long time.

Work of many varieties, child care and home restoration.

Class room volunteer, at least once a week.

Drama Club assistant/organizer on Mondays
(although I have had a heck of a time getting it going this semester.. and not sure it will actually happen until next year.)

Mom,cleaner,cook,driver,gardener, home fixer, counselor,redirector,negotiation facilitator,worrier,etc.

Having goals helps me to focus and be more productive.
It makes me inspired and determined and energized.

It can also make me feel worn out and worried about being good enough to do it all.

So with a deep breath, I ran 6 miles this morning (burr...)
cleaned, grocered,laundered,cooked and
threw a some Unomi's (tea bowls or wine cups)

I feel satisfied but uncertain I can keep up this pace.

Wednesday's and Thursday's I have the privilege of hanging out with my buddy, the
almost walking, Axel.

Friday I am working with my friend Mary and need to get a long run in.

This is where I need to get organized and use my time management skills. I think I may need to borrow someones organization and time management skills. Are they for sale?

Mostly I feel excited about all these challenges and goals and responsibilities but sometimes I just want to hide under 
the covers and take a nice, warm, nap.

Warm being the operative word here. Warm. 


  1. Nothing like a deadline to get one's ass in gear. Andrea- you've got it!! now go show 'em who's boss.. amazing mom, artist, athlete. I want to come to your show, when is it??

  2. oops, 4/30 I meant to say "where"

  3. You can sleep when you are dead! Who said that?
    Did I do all of that? I was reading your list and nodding my head, but I sure don't know how I lived through those days. Good news is you raise smart kids and then they can do a lot of these things when they get in High School. Wesley takes so much off my shoulders now and in a few months off to college and I will have nothing to do but open a bag of clay. You learn so much about yourself on a journey like this, just remember to think about yourself so your kids will like you :)

  4. hey you---i have to tell myself this...some stuff you have to do and those things aren't always fun. some things you pick to do, and those things should make you happy. they might be hard still, or a challenge, but at the end of the day, they should feed something inside you. that being said, life should not be so constantly full that you cannot occasionally find space for a warm nap......love at you! and can't you tell i am learning to say no, even to myself sometimes!?!?


Your words inspire me to do and be more. So do your thoughts but I just can't read them yet! ;)