Monday, July 12, 2010

a thousand words

pictures say a thousand words. 

some are evident.
some take time.
some are imagined.

some are like stories from a distant land.

some bring us full circle.

some make new circles and paths for us to follow.

some inspire.

some weep with memories.

some smile so big it makes us want to shout
for what we don't know, out loud.

some stir our souls to breath a little deeper,
a little longer.

some question.

some demand.

some bore.

some want us now.

some make us salivate
and feel and desire.

some motivate.

some are fuzzy.

some need to age for a while until we understand.

some are keepers of dreams

some are unfinished and finished and full of life

some move you to be more

and do more

and live big

some just make you want to roll 
on the floor with tears of joy.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't life just amazing? I have never met you, and yet, looking at these pictures makes me feel like I have. Or we just do similar things. Or our kids would have fun together I bet too.
    Thanks for appreciating so much and sharing it all with us.


Your words inspire me to do and be more. So do your thoughts but I just can't read them yet! ;)