Thursday, July 8, 2010

I think I blinked too long

A lot happens in a year.
In my quiet, Mommy moments, I am stunned, in a sad, 
nostalgic way,
at how much they change, Rohan and Max, 
almost daily.
They excite me, wow me, frustrate me to no end,
challenge me, demand of me,
love with no thought to 
conditions and with arms full of
forgiveness, when that is warranted.

I sometimes wonder if my parents had time to have these 
moments. They worked so many hours and 
had many more children.
Are these the luxuries and curses of
the part-time working momma?

I think it is just part of humanity.
Living in the quiet space with our thoughts.

I wish to love more wholly, to breath a little deeper,
to snuggle a little closer,
laugh a little louder,
for there will be another picture next year and 
the ones I see now will be gone.

Carpe Diem.


  1. Love little boys in bow-ties! Good thoughts..I agree!

  2. thank you for your wise words...carpe diem ~ all the way!


Your words inspire me to do and be more. So do your thoughts but I just can't read them yet! ;)