Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 days and 3 hours

Summer is here.
Did you get the memo?

4 days and 3 hours more.
Of school.
Of my days potting, 
well, partially anyway.

I am taking deep breaths and 
Seeing the joy that will be.

Imagining scenarios where I can 
do pottery
go swimming
brother refereeing 
celebrating our time,
our time together
while they are still
celebrating time with me.

and still doing pottery, for me,
while they are home.
My mission.

I will achieve it.
I am certain.
It may not look pretty in the beginning
but it will end up beautiful.

Here we go.
Seven, Ten, and two Forty-three year olds.
We will make magic this summer.
With the help of our community,
of hard work,
and hard play.

Deep Breath.
and Summer.

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