Saturday, December 24, 2011

Keeping the Magic Alive

For my blogger friends and family.

We wish you the merriest Christmas, holiday, celebrations.
Hoping your homes are filled with laughter, hugs, silliness, dances, 
smells of cookies and pine needles and magic.

Every year the boys dress up and I take photos of their silliness.
 I always love it.

What will you be concentrating on in the new year?
 I have my resolutions set.

Glaze and slip exploration. 

My friend Mary has become my kiln expert fixer and my confidence in working and experimenting has gone up! I am moving toward low fired work while keeping a little space open to work in cone ^6.
Feeling excited and giddy about all of this... oh and she is also putting plugs in for me and a sink for water! Really. (She's my friend, you can't have her) ;o) hee hee.

ornaments made from the thousands of clementines we are eating.

lid for a box I made for somebody for Christmas ;o)

earthenware experimenting begins ;o) (a max design with Mommy additions)

Wishing you all joy and peace and love and magic and delicious things to eat and drink and taking time.
 Time to let it all soak in, just how fortunate we all are and how fleeting life can be.
 Carpe Diem , carpe diem.

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  1. Beautiful children and very exciting new prospects there with the pottery. I love that mug! I see some child labor law enforcement in your future haha!
    Have a great holiday with you family!


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