Sunday, September 18, 2011

thirty moments and long time no see

Sometimes we just need to regroup.
We need a moment.
or thirty.

or in my case, at least today, I could have used 
102 or so.

The do not disturb sign has been taken down for the day, 
the boys are playing together and no one is getting hurt.

A new goal of ours.

 No one should get hurt.

I am not a boy. 
I do not understand.
But I do know... hurt does not feel good.

Sometimes I just want them to go outside to hurt each other though. 

So I don't have to hear it.

my prepreteen. 
Sometimes he says things that make my head spin and my heart swoon.
I wish he was not right sometimes.

Our play is action-pact .... full of movement and "accidents"

So this has been an amazing Month! 
My little sister April, part friend, part sister, part soul-mate, got married
to her long time companion Chris.

It was beautiful, gorgeous, simple, pure and full of love.

I felt blessed to be a part of it all,
To be a witness,
To remember why it is we do this thing, marriage.
I love her so much and wish her years of
burrito trucks and tree swings.

april and my mom, fran

the joy of life

September was also the month Logan Anthony Myers was born!
We have had so much fun getting to know this cute little man.
He was born right before my other sister (in-law)

 Karen was married to her long time
companion, Peter.

(I don't have any pics :(  ) sorry. It was also beautiful, full of spirit, promise,
family and friends.

What a special month. 

I am Still recovering from all the goodness.

Max and Logan

I miss blogging but have not felt the inspiration.
I hope this weather will change that for me.

I have been running (training for the Army 10 miler), painting walls, trim and ceilings (work),
hanging out with Axel, my little buddy, making some pots and traveling a lot to witness all these promises of love.

Blankets are back. 

Morning sweaters are snuggling 

and soups are being made.

Hello fall, my introspective friend.

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