Sunday, November 28, 2010

the imagine nation: visual journey

the Artful Parent thanks for this fabulous project idea

We decided to write each family members name on a leaf 
and keep it on our gathering table

friends gathering for stories

Our imagine nation station... wanting to improve

Max in destruction mode

Rohan gutting any broken thing around

His new creation Robie the Robot. It rolls!

Every year we take whimsical Christmas Pictures. This year 
we have Santa and His brother Santalo, a pirate.

These are a few of my favorites... they will become some sort
of card as I mix it up in photoshop ;o)

After our photo shoot we need a cup of cocoa with a "few" 

Rohan has been into creating these worlds with maps, characters
and journeys. 
This is one of many.....

As I am writing... the kiln is firing... it is on high and I am so waiting for the sound of the click off of
power in a few hours... hoping by dinner!

We got the tree today and the lights are up... waiting for Papa to trim it!!!

(did i tell you i love christmas with kids. magic at its most magical)

Last thing:
Rohan asked me today:

" Don't you think Santa knows God? We could ask Santa to get a note from somebody in Heaven, like Gigi. We would be the first people to get a note from heaven... that would be so awesome to get a note from Gigi." Yes, it would Rohan.

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