Tuesday, May 25, 2010

where do the children play....

My computer, that I upload my photos to, has been giving me trouble! I finally got it to work today and spent a lot of time uploading ;).

Where we have been playing recently:

Here we are in Winston having a celebration 
with our cousins and our Grammylu.
We always have an awesome time when we get together.
(last,last saturday)

 cute fooky, couldn't resist

 French Broad River Park

 a tribute to Michael Simon.. 
one of my all time favorite potter's
who I found out can't pot anymore.
(this week+ bowls and plates)

my good friend, Sayo in a dragon(lion?) dance
at the Montford Street Festival
She and her daughter were awesome.
(Saturday after our community garden yard sale and
Rohan's acting performance. Busy and fun day)

Rohan, celebrating his quirkiness. I love it.
(Sunday excursion with friends and scooters)

Science club meets diet coke and mentos.
(Monday: our last science club for the year.
 It was fun.)

The Biltmore Estate adventure with some of
our bestest friends.

We only have two more weeks with our friends
and we will miss them to the core. But
we are looking forward to many play-dates.

Life seems deliciously busy.
Sleep comes more quickly.
Coffee tastes better.
Energy is stirring.
Creativity is abound.
I will cherish this 
and ride on it 
as long as it 
will take

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