Monday, March 29, 2010

runaway circus and science club....

Filling days can be easy. Some days feel longer then others and most 
whiz by with no thought to the fact that we want to hold on a little longer.
The days when you just want: five more minutes Mom, do I have to do my homework now?
Please can I play legos a little longer before school?

If you tell me what to do I will do it mom!
 (ha, Mom's are good at that 
but do not always do with with
 a gentle voice and kind reminders,
 at least not this mama!)

This weeks highlights were:

Max's soccer practice/game

The Asheville Community Theater "yard sale"

Wyatt's third birthday party

The Falconhurst Community Garden day planting potatoes

Our first science club meeting at our house with some kids from Rohan's class

(drum roll)

a local group of talented entertainers. Super fun, quirky and laugh out loud funny!

We are hoping that we continue to capture more moments that make us say Wow and Oohh and Shazam
this week!

Each moment comes to us pregnant with possibility... 

I am looking forward and trying to remember that this too is a moment of possibility!

These are more photos from the past... they help me remember and celebrate what is 





I am one lucky lady!


  1. You are one lucky lady! I feel lucky too to have those two boys in my life. They have so much joy and love to share and those pics prove it.

  2. You need to tell me the circus happen next time!

    The boys are wonderful, Andrea. I love them and the pictures!!

  3. wonderful post -- i love your statement about each moment being pregnant with possibility:)


Your words inspire me to do and be more. So do your thoughts but I just can't read them yet! ;)