Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the beast within.. the artist beast.

The beast has been at my heals all day today. I could not stop thinking of new things to do.
The creative juice is in blossom . 
I am constantly inspired by women.
 Their ability to fill their days with meaningful, exciting, soul
expanding moments.
I dream of those moments. I look for them and reach for them but find I am all used
up when the time comes for me to be with me.

I do have some of some moments.. in the garden, cooking, imagining and researching art projects to do with the kids. 
This weekend I WILL clean out the studio and begin muddying up my hands again with goodness.
I will also be digging dirt and moving weeds.

And most of all, this weekend, I will send wings of thanks up for all the amazing people I have in my life and for all the little miracles that happen to keep them safe. ( Especially for one of my mothers (I have four), you know who you are, who was granted the gift of Hooray and Hallelujah.)

I took some photos today because I was inspired by the blossom. Thanks blossom .

photos from today and yester years..
 I continue to enjoy and excite at seeing where we came from and where we are going.

This morning

This afternoon with blossoms in mind


Last week: a blossom of sorts.

Years ago

Spring has sprung and I like how it feels and it thinks and has thoughts.

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