Friday, March 19, 2010

Yeah, it was a good day.

7:45 drive Rohan to school.

8:10 drink more coffee, get garden clothes on.

8:20 garden with bamboo, shovels, rakes, wire cutters and gloves
and Max.

11:00 break to go on a birthday shopping run with Judy.

1:00 back in garden, digging, sawing, Max, planting, digging,Max, sawing, planting.
(spinach, pole beans, and snow peas)

5:10 done in the garden for the day... dog tired

5:20 shower,dressed and ready for a night out with my buddy Judy and a drink shared before we see a friend of ours(hers really) perform at NC Stage.

Life is good. My butt is tired.
Tomorrow is no Saturday school and no alarm clocks.

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