Friday, April 9, 2010

(Wo)man oh (Wo)man

This has been quite a week,
a spring break kind of week.
Take a deep breath. 
(Oh, that was me taking the breath as I recall the week)

We (my two boys, a friend who is hanging out with us for the week, another good girl friend of Rohan's and her Mom, one of my good friends) took a picnic, some towels, and an excited spirit, out to Bent Creek to go for a hike and 
a day of play by the lake. 
We are so lucky to have this amazing area where you can bike, hike, horseback ride, run, and bring dogs unleashed! A slice of heaven.

We made incredible sand villages (low-relief sculptures for sure) and
swam.. well, they swam I watched, and just had an awesome day.

(i am trying to make a heart with my hands and camera ;))


Our week buddy arrives at 7:30 everyday so we have time to play star wars legos before heading off to Linville for the day.

An extra friend joined us for a four kid, one parent day of hoopla. We first drove an hour to Linville Caverns where we went on a guided tour through the caves. Beautiful, mysterious and once a hiding place for soldiers during the Revolutionary War. They were discovered because when they lit fires deep in the caves, the smoke found fissures to escape through and seep up wafting on the mountain side.
After the awesome tour we did a bit of rock climbing and jumping in the river.. we did not bring water clothes and the one adult was scared someone would get hurt and I could not get to them in time... argh.
When our picnic was over by the river we packed up and headed to Linville falls.
We hiked to three spots to view the falls from different angles and heights.
It was hot, we were running low on water and energy but the entertainer, Rohan, pushed us on, making us laugh and running ahead and hiding.
We left the house at 9:45 and returned at 3:45. Can any one say beer?
A super fun day with an awesome group of friends.


We had our 7:30 buddy and around 9:00 we had two more friends come and play for three and a half hours.
We played with star wars figures that Dad had given the boys for Easter (they were his from when he was a child, oh, I mean adult ;o))
Then we went outside and I made chalk houses and stores for the bikes to visit and for the detectives to collect information in. There were mysterious footprints leading to various locations... hmm.
We ate humus and strawberries and laughed.


Kind of quiet. 
Our 7:30 buddy came. He has a calming presence that makes for less intervening by Mom.

The boys played inside and outside all morning.
We went to a movie at 12:00 with our friends that joined us at Bent Creek!
It was fun and well done and a needed break from the hustle and bustle of our week.
Rain came hard. Rohan went out to play in it.
Max and I play board game after board game.


Last but most certainly, not least.

We spent the entire, from 10:00-4:40 at the Biltmore Estate. 
We toured the house.
We ran in the gardens.
We ate picnics wherever we were hungry.
We tasted wine (and grape juice)
We ate ice cream.
We watched blacksmiths and leather workers perform their magic.
We held baby and grown up chickens.

We drags our tired butts to the car.
We played hard the minute we got home.
I made dinner.
Rohan practiced his lines for acting class tomorrow.
Dad+books+pajama boys=snugly, early dreams.

My friend Sayo has been teaching me how to make sushi and onigiri. Here
is my version. Grilled tofu, edamame beans and spinach. ;)

(A last piece to this week. This video made my day, week, year. Wow)

If you want to see the power of children in action watch the video below. If you do not know about TED yet, this will be an awesome introduction. 

thanks to for posting this video!

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  1. She, Adora, is AWESOME!! Wow! I agree that children is way beyond childish adult.

    Your sushi is beautiful, by the way. --master S


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