Saturday, April 17, 2010

thursday april 15, 2010

Some days are just made for living. 
This was one of those days.

It began with a decision to let allergy Rohan take a break from school:

Here is what happened. A photographic story from morning until evening.

 magnet exploration
 max's magnet man
 We all painted:
 this is what mommy painted :)
pepper's eye and nose
we added a world map
 and a bumper sticker: 
Love Animals Don't Eat Them
The next series of photos are 
me exploring the idea of Dim .
allergy eye rohan

 I chose this one for 
the theme Dim .
I have always taken pictures with composition in mind. I think about the movement and the magic of capturing a moment.
I do it for me,
for the satisfaction of releasing my creative impulse. 

The desire to be something beautiful.

Since my pottery studio is not fully up and running, I am using this blog and my camera as my "now I feel more whole" medium.
I like this feeling. 
I love that my kids and life can be an integral part of the experience.

My little sister turned 31 last Wednesday and my papa turns 75 next Wednesday. So much to celebrate and they have each given me the gift of art and the spirit of living life to the fullest and with purpose.

Magical Thursday, I needed you.


  1. Andrea, these are really cool photos. I think my favorites are Rohan sitting in the fort and walking up the steps. It's amazing how much older he looks now. I love getting to see and read about your adventures with the boys. Keep them coming!

  2. Karen it is wonderful knowing someone is reading them, especially family. ;O) You should check out the echo site. You are a great photographer and it is such fun being forced to be creative each week ;o)

  3. Andrea, I'm going to try to post a comment again (after you gave me hints today).

    Your photos of the boys and the world around you are treasures and I am enjoying them to the max (and the rohan).


  4. these pictures are great! really lovely walking through the day like this. and your produce signs are very nice. :) I'm really enjoying the blog!

  5. looks like you had a lot of fun.

    thank you for visiting my blog and your very sweet words! :)


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