Monday, February 22, 2010

What makes our days typical? Nothing. Not sure what we do normally, if there is such a thing. Lots of movin' and shakin' and encouragement and often criticism. I guess we try hard to live and take each moment for what it's worth. As a parent, sometimes I am there to yell Whoo Hoo and sometimes I fail with a grimace and a groan. Rohan and Max teach me to be a better parent. Actually they demand I be a better parent. I say sorry a lot. I also sing praises and shout joys to roof top about how amazing I think they are. Science, blocks, and beer caps. That says it all. (really Max wanted to collect beer bottles and I said not until college so he settled for the caps instead, for which we scored all of these at our local Indian restaurant, Chai Pani, yesterday. A good day indeed.)

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