Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love and Life

making the card

putting the money together

Let me start with the love part:

Max decided, after saving for a long time to give money 
to help sea turtles,
that he wanted to give his money to "people who are homeless".
He made a card, got his money together and Mom
found several local organizations for him to choose from.
He chose Homeward Bound.
We called, got directions and 30 minutes later
Max had completed his wish.
The director said to Max: "You made my day"
(He was very shy but full of love)
He made my day too and helped me
to cherish this ability to be home and
seize the moment.

Now for the life part:

A wonderful birthday present for the curious, adventurous and amazed.
Mad scientist live at our house. Beware.

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