Friday, February 26, 2010

Fridays can be Thursdays too.

This has nothing to do with today but I sure do love these boys.

The day began, as it usually does, with coffee and lunch making.
 Breakfast and breakfast for others, school transportation, dishes, laundry and motivation to do something physical...
Today I took the dog to his favorite spot in Asheville, one of mine too, Bent Creek. This is one of the last havens for dog owners who love to see their dogs run in nature.. free of those rascally leashes.

Next home to hang with Max, listen to him read Green Eggs and Ham, and help him set up his homemade car map, made by his special Baba, for which he drives all over Black Mountain and Asheville, to his favorite locations.

I decided I was in need, long, long, long, over due need, of some... well, bras.
Off I went to shop (I do not shop for myself unless it is at Goodwill).
By wonderful chance, I met a wonderful friend who inspired me to take this adventure by the straps ;o).
Let's just say that once I had two bras and now I own six brand new bras. I am a woman. Today I actually feel a little more like one. It makes me smile under my clothes.

Now the boys are home, projects being built, games being assembled, cars, dragons and negotiation on going and tomorrow is another school day. A Saturday school day. Fridays can be Thursdays too.
Happy Thursday to you.

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