Thursday, November 4, 2010

Max's Star Wars Birthday!

I was too busy to take photos so Max's Baba was wonderful enough to do it for me!!! Finally posting some pics!
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We began the party running around like crazy, as most parties do. We then focused and began our Jedi training with Master Athar (Rohan). He instructed the Padwan how to defeat the Dark Side. After the instruction we had an obstacle course through Dagobah with Yoda in our back pack... at the end of the course you had to defeat Darth Vadar! It was a bit silly and took time, as one person did it at a time but when you won Athar gave you a certificate and a prize.

Next they bombed the Death Star with water balloons. Messy and super fun...

Then a game of freeze the Sith. One Jedi to freeze all the Sith (Freeze tag). The Sith Won. The Jedi was out numbered for sure.

Cake, presents and battles ensued. Mom was super tired and glad his Jengo Fett had such a great time. Now for a beer.

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