Monday, November 8, 2010

too much time gone by

 Halloween. Our family, well, Rohan especially, lives for the next Halloween.
His life is dress up, created characters and some form of acting or another.
Halloween is his time to observe with awe and to soak in a time of year when everyone else is also excited to become a new character.
This year we were:
Max: Darth Vadar
Rohan: Willy Wonka
Dad: Pirate
Mom: Hippi Longstocking 
(my costume was created out of an innocent mistake... Max accidentally said my Pippi Longstocking outfit was Hippi Longstocking.... I loved it so much I promptly found all the items I needed to make this a reality!)

I made witches hands  for the kids classes this year... thanks to my friend Judy for this wonderful idea.
It was a big hit!

This was a balmy day the week before Halloween.
My boys love rain. Here is their rain story:

(i love this one a lot)

Believe it or not I have been super busy! Mondays I spend running, grocery shopping, cleaning and then to school from 12:30 until 4. We have drama club every Monday and I volunteer before that.
I have also been fortunate enough to have some extra "work" right now. A friend is renovating a house and she invited me to help her. So... on my days I am not playing and caring for my buddy Axel.. I am scrapping something.

Needless to say the kiln and the studio are feeling lonely and left out. I have found one part I need but have not fixed anything yet. It sits there in the back of my mind like a muddy pile of leaves waiting to be raked. I need to move on.... and get this giant oven fixed.

I do love fall and slippers and blankets but am not ready for the heat to be on and for shivers.

May you enjoy your crunchy walks, warm ovens and sock covered toes.


  1. We have such parallel lives. We lived for Halloween for years, I worked for the theater so we would just pull costumes from the prop warehouse, what a dream. One year Wes went as Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp) from the Pirates movie and she won a costume contest. We also used to go out on a rainy summer day and just sit in the rain, it is a wonderful thing to do with your kid! I love the hippi longstocking idea, did you ever see the movie? One of my favorites.

  2. I love Hippi Longstocking very much! You all look wonderful!!

  3. Loving the rain shots! Rowan with the leaf on his head! and them meditating in the rain!!!! Beautiful! You're an amazing mom!


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