Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a lot can happen in ten days

This has been a week (or so) of
firsts and lasts.

Taking off where we left off:

School has begun.
Max is elated with the whole new arrangement
of backpacks, lunchboxes,and friends.
Friends are his favorite part of school.
He might say everything, when asked, but it keeps coming
back to friends.
Max is making friends faster then I had imagined and
has several girls puckering up their lips at him. 
(which I found hilarious and made me say "oh, my" )

Rohan has a fabulous teacher who plays a guitar and has them singing songs at the beginning and end of the day.
"She is a perfect fit for me"
Rohan's quote about his new teacher.

So while they were off on their own adventures, I thought I would do a home-makeover on their room.
I bought a used bunkbed 
(a twin over a double for $75 including mattresses!)
and proceeded to get rid of things, paint and rearrange.
This was a whirlwind of three days getting everything out, given away, set up, assembled and perfected.
They love their new room. A lot.

Yesterday I went with Max on his first Kindergarten field trip.
(one of the features of our school is experiential learning, so we do a lot of field trips)
We went to the Nature Center with a focus being, the butterfly exhibit.
We also saw, black bears, otters, donkeys, goats, bob cats and coyote. (we ran out of time to see it all)

It was fun to see Max interact with his friends and his class.
I felt so happy for him as his confidence has soared through
the roof.

Max and his buddy Aman

This Saturday Rohan is auditioning for a new
acting program.
It is called the Youth Acting Academy.
It will be a series of
four sequential classes leading up to a final production.
The classes will include voice and movement.
Only 10 kids will make it into the Academy this
first year.
It will be challenging and exciting for Rohan if he makes it.

The last news I have to share is about lasts.

Anne Gibson,grandmother to Jay (and me) and great grandmother to
Rohan and Max, is finding her way to a peaceful place.

She has struggled with various aliments for several years but this 
last year really challenged her.
Her two daughters have spent every hour with her for the last six months, caring for her in every way.

I will tell you what she taught me:

~to be passionate about cooking and eating
~to be a patient parent
~to cherish my family 
~to celebrate my stubborn side
~to continue to work harder to be a better wife
~to see the beauty in me
~laugh at the stuff that could make you mad
~to seek the Wonder of life
~honor, respect and look forward to family traditions
~it is worth leaving room for her desert
~to be a stronger woman

I will miss her more then I know right now. 
It is hard to process life in a moment.
I know that when Halloween comes and we can't go trick or treat 
at her house, I will shed tears,
I know that when we want to go by after school and share our
adventures with her, my heart will ache.
Christmas just won't be the same, without our
big meals, sharing of gifts and laughter, singing carols 
and the story of Christ's birth read aloud.
Her laughter and joy seeing the boys grow makes me feel proud.

I know she is ready though. 
She misses her honey of almost
69 years( Anniversary is on Monday). 
She is ready for this next journey of the spirit. We all want her to be at peace even as we clutch her hand not knowing,
 "Is this going to be the last time?" 
It makes you hug a little closer, 
love deeper and
cherish how we are meant to cherish.
I do not like lasts.
They are hard and tear filled and stomach aching.

Gigi with her boys

She will live on forever and ever in our hearts.

(She is at Solace right now, a hospice hospital, where
she is quietly and slowly making her new journey, surrounded by family.)


  1. Andrea, this is just beautiful. From new beginnings to peaceful endings it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you :)

  2. Man I am sorry about Jays grandmother. We went throught that last year with my grandmother. First time I've witnessed the death process..its always on my mind now.

    I am SO envious of where you all are. I know the school are fabulous and all that stuff the boys are doing I just urn for my kids to do again ( they did in private school) This new adventure here in SC is not what I had hoped but I deep down I knew because of the region , it would not be.
    ....can we come live with you!!? Jen


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