Sunday, August 29, 2010

a ceremony for gigi

Max got a candle from Gigi's house yesterday after her funeral.
He carried it around, holding it and waiting.
Today he brought it to me.
"Mom, lets have a pray for Gigi"

We talked about different kinds of ways people pray.
He remembered that some people write prayers and then
burn them.

We found a beautiful candlestick.
We wrote a wish and prayer for Gigi.
We went together onto the back patio.
Lit the candle
and watched our prayers go up to heaven.

"It's like heaven mail", Rohan declared.

We sat together quietly with our thoughts.

"Can we do this again tomorrow?", wondered Max aloud.

"Yes", I said

(I sure do miss Gigi but know she is at peace and peace
is a most wonderful place to be.)

We will be sending much more heaven mail in the future.


  1. From Baba: This is so incredibly beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful message not only for your children but also for all those who read this story! Thank you for sharing.

  3. That is the sweetest thing I've ever to you all, and to Gigi. Mary Margaret

  4. So wonderful. I'm sure Gigi is very happy with the mail.

  5. How beautiful is this sentiment of kindness and concern! I am sure Gigi will be missed~

  6. That is the sweetest thing I've seen/read in a long time!

  7. Andrea,
    I am so touched - this brought tears to my eyes today to see that Rohan and Max have remembered Mother (their GiGi) in such a way. You have taught your boys to be so thoughtful.


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